One on One Tuition Photo Safari

One on One Tuition


Jackie Ranken has been in the photography industry since she was 16 years old, over 30 years, (I am a little older than that). I have experience in many areas of photography from Photojournalism to weddings to commercial and sports Photography. What's important is that I love my work and in more recent years that include teaching photography. I believe I have an empathy to help emerging, enthusiast and professional photographers to not only make better images but to and learn how to  enjoy the image making process in the ongoing journey of 'life'.
Let me know what you want to learn and when.
What camera equipment do you use?
I look forward to hearing from you?


What You Need To Bring

Your camera equipment or trial our Canon EOS 700D, Canon ESO 70D, Canon EOS 7DMKII, Canon 6D

Images on a USB drive for a critique session . These can be imags that you are having problems with or one you want sppecific feedback on.

Note book  
Book design  
Book design  
Understanding lighting  
Fine art printing  
Grass closeup  
Abstract Ice  
High key Photography  
Abstract leaves  
Double exposures